Affiliate Disclosure Policy

Affiliate Disclosure Policy

FTC guidelines require the disclosure of affiliate relationships that result in the generation of revenue. The below is the Podcast affiliate disclosure policy.

When you purchase an item that is linked on and Yogaland Podcast and at times on corresponding social media channels by clicking a link to products from Amazon and other partners, /Yogaland Podcast may receive a commission. This does not result in an increase of the sales price of that product to you.


We only link to products that we have personally used, books we have read, and services we have enjoyed. We share links so that our audience may easily find the product, learn more about it, and make their own purchasing decisions.

Please know that when you purchase items through these links, you support the creation of many free resources such as blogs, podcast episodes, courses, and so much more.

Thank you for helping us do what we do and share our perspective on yoga with the world!