Summer Self Care Using Ayurveda with Niika Quistgard

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Niika Quistgard | Cool Down with Ayurveda | Yoga Podcast

If you’re a vinyasa yoga practitioner you’re probably familiar with the term “building heat.” That might not sound so appealing to you right now, though–especially if you live somewhere that summer is hot and sticky enough without any additional heat, thank you very much.

This week on the podcast, our favorite Ayurvedic expert, Niika Quistgard, offers Ayurvedic summer self care tips. Niika has a gift for making the principles of Ayurveda easy to understand — once you learn them, you’ll know how to cool down and come back into balance.

She shares:

  • How to adapt your lifestyle during pitta season–we get into how to approach your yoga practice, meditation, breathing techniques, and which  foods to eat (and avoid) during pitta season
  • A few specific poses and practices that are calming for pitta
  • The one thing that’s even more important than you dominant dosha. (It’s all about balance, baby!)
  • What Niika  means when she talks about taking “self-leadership” on your yoga mat and in your life
  • BONUS: Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature throughout this interview as Niika is talking to us outdoors among some particularly melodious birds.

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