Episode 130: Timothy McCall’s East/West Journey Through Cancer

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One out of three people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. While a regular yoga practice might not prevent cancer, it can certainly help ease the fear, anxiety, and emotional anguish that can come with it. Today’s guest, Dr. Timothy McCall, is a medical doctor and yoga teacher, who talks with us this week about his road to recovery from throat cancer. His story is an inspiring testimony to the power of a yoga and meditation during hard times.

Timothy shares how he discovered his cancer, how he chose his care team, and which asanas supported him through treatment. He also talks about the benefits of fasting prior to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. And how he both prepared for treatment and convalesced after treatment in Kerala, India with Ayurvedic treatments — and the effect they had on him. You can pre-order Timothy’s book, Saving My Neck: A Doctor’s East/West Journey Through Cancer on Amazon.

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Pre-order Timothy’s book: Saving my Neck by Timothy McCall, MD

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