Episode 224: Grief, Mr. Rogers, and Holding Space with Adam Hocke

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Adam Hocke podcast

This week, my guest is U.K. based teacher, Adam Hocke. Adam — like Jack Workman in episode 221 — is serving as a mentor in Jason’s current online teacher training program. Adam is such a talented teacher in his own right — balancing thoughtful and precise vinyasa yoga with his unique brand of warmth and humor. Adam and I spoke about many things but the common thread was one of my very favorite topics: emotions. He shared how yoga helped him through devastating grief, how he endeavors to incorporate self-compassion into vinyasa classes, and how he surrendered his role as a theatrical showman to become a yoga teacher who holds space for his students to feel their feelings and experience their own yoga.

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 The Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal

Mr. Rogers “Invisible Gift” Meditation


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