Episode 258: This is Your Brain on Yoga with Dr. Daya Grant

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Daya Grant

If you’ve ever wondered what’s really happening in your body and brain during asana and meditation, today’s conversation is going to fascinate you.

Our guest is Dr. Daya Grant — a neuroscientist, sports psychologist, and mental performance consultant — who explains the growing research on mindfulness and meditation and how these practices are beneficial to the brain.

We cover a lot of ground in this interview including:

  • How yoga and meditation affect the brain, both structurally and functionally
  • What happens to the brain during breathing practices like alternate-nostril breathing (which Daya says is one of the most widely studied pranayama exercises)
  • How she helps athletes use mindfulness, asana, and yoga philosophy to enhance their performance
  • What it was like having a meditation practice growing up impacted her, and how she’s carrying on that tradition with her own son


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