Episode 260: Yoga Includes Me with Sarah Henderson

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Sarah Henderson

On today’s episode, I speak to Sarah Henderson, a yoga teacher who specializes in teaching adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sarah’s parents were role models of advocacy after her younger sister was born with Down Syndrome. And Sarah has followed in their footsteps — before she became a yoga teacher, she worked at an inclusive preschool, in respite care, and as a developmental evaluator. With many different types of yoga training under her belt — including training with Jivana Heyman of Accessible Yoga, with Matthew Sanford, and with Jason — Sarah utilizes her skills and her passion for working with adults who bring her as much joy and balance as she brings to them.

On this episode, Sarah shares many useful insights such as:

  • How one of her teachers encouraged her forge her own path and teach this population of adults
  • How she sequences her classes based on the training she’s done with Jason
  • The tools she uses to people who learn and process things differently
  • Why she believes “presence is participation”
  • How teaching this community is different—and, perhaps more importantly, how it’s the same as teaching anyone else


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