8 Essential Concepts from Yoga Philosophy to Teach Beginners

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Title card with an illustration of a person doing shoulder opener, the title saying "The Most Essential Philosophical Concepts & Themes to Teach Beginners"

Yoga philosophy is so vast, it can be overwhelming to think about how to convey it to beginners (or even in your mixed level classes!) It’s one of the reasons yoga teachers lean so heavily on Patanjali’s eight limbs — Look! A list! Everyone loves a good list!

And while there’s nothing wrong with sharing the eight limbs, Patanjali’s worldview is different than, say, the Tantric worldview.

This week, Jason shares the 8 philosophical concepts or themes he teaches beginners. It’s a macro-view of how he likes to incorporate the teachings and will give you lots of inroads that are accessible to all levels of students.

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