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Yoga Sequence for Core Strength

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Yoga Sequence for Core Strength | Yoga ab poses

Try this simple, accessible, effective sequence to strengthen the entirety of your core: the anterior abdominals, iliopsoas, the rotational elements of the core, and the back of the core.


Postures 1-4 are all reclined anterior-core strengtheners that are accessible and efficient. They also teach the neuromuscular coordination of the arm-balances and are a great way to help develop these postures. Hold each for 20-40 seconds and do as many repetitions as you’d like.

Postures 5-6 are quintessential seated core-strengtheners. Paripurna Navasana, which is more upright, focuses more heavily on strengthening your Iliopsoas and other hip flexors, while Ardha Navasana, which is more horizontal, helps isolate and strengthen your abdominals. Do few repetitions of each, holding for 15-30 seconds each.

Postures 7-13 are a progression of core-strengthening arm-balances. If any of these are inaccessible, simply repeat the accessible postures a few extra times—or, do the reclined version of the pose!

Postures 14-15 round out the sequence by strengthening the back of your core—especially Locust Pose. Repeat Locust pose 3 times and hold for 20-40 seconds. Bridge, admittedly, is less of a posterior strengthener and more of a way to release tension in your front-body after this demanding sequence.

Posture 16 helps us let go of tension and soften our center. Don’t skip this step—we need to release unconscious stress in our core if we want a balanced practice. Feel free to add any other postures that help you unwind.

{illustrations by MCKIBILLO}

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