7 reasons to make your home yoga practice a priority

This is where the subhead goes where we talk about how you need to do your research and two other things 

Andrea Ferretti doing her home practice

When Jason and I sat down to plan this episode about why you need a home yoga practice, we realized that first we had to reconcile our different definitions of what constitutes one.

We fell into two camps: One of us (you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear who) had a stricter definition — i.e., a home yoga practice is done alone with no devices. The other felt more open-minded — i.e., streaming a class, being led on Zoom, or doing your own thing all count. Whatever gets you on the mat!

We agreed one one thing though: A home practice is essential if you want to integrate yoga in your day to day life. And it might just be the one thing in your life that consistently feels like a respite, a refuge, a haven.

We hope you enjoy this conversation where we talk through these 7 distinct reasons that developing a home practice is beneficial:

  • It’s so much easier to be consistent
  • You can focus on regions of the body that need more support
  • You can use it as a supplement to your studio classes (or other forms of exercise)
  • You get to practice the poses you love
  • You get to spend more time on the poses you want to master but struggle with
  • We all need a daily dose of self-regulation
  • For yoga teachers, it’s a way to get in touch with your own voice, creativity, and insight

5 Yoga Sequences to Inspire Your Home Practice

30-Minute Morning Yoga Sequence

Yoga Sequence for the Hips

 Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain

30-Minute Whole Body Yoga Sequence

Yoga for Core Strength

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Jason Crandell in Crow pose

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