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Yoga Sequence for Hips

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Yoga sequence for hips, step-by-step illustration

This yoga sequence for hips focuses on stretching the muscles around the whole circumference of the hip joint. It’s great for relieving the tension that accumulates from long periods of sitting or standing. It’s also incredibly grounding. I like to do it after traveling or just at the end of a long, intense day. Spend 5-10 breaths in each pose (or longer if you’d like) and do both sides before moving to the next pose.

Yoga for Hips Sequence

You’ll notice that the sequence ends with Lotus Pose. Lotus is a beautiful pose and one that many of us pine for. But I promise you that doing Lotus does not make you a better person or a better yogi and, if you force your way into the pose, you will feel physically terrible afterward. Surely this is not your goal after asana practice!

My point is, if you are naturally very open or are familiar with the pose, feel free to finish with Lotus. If not, then it’s just as valuable to end in Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus) or with your legs crossed in Sukhasana (Easy Pose). Whichever finishing pose you choose, take a minute or two to draw your attention inward. If you find it difficult to sit quietly, you’re not alone! Take three deep breaths, extending the exhalation. Then let the breath control go and simply watch. Don’t give up — it gets easier over time and, with practice, you will start to enjoy having a few quiet moments to yourself at the end of your yoga practice.

For more hip opening sequences, here’s a full sequence that specifically focuses on building up to Lotus. 

{illustrations by MCKIBILLO}

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