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Are you still vying for a decent time slot to teach at your local studio? According to Office Yoga founder Maryam Sharifzadeh, your efforts would be far better spent finding a few corporate teaching gigs. Consider this statistic that Sharifzadeh shares: In the US there is one yoga studio for every 10,000 businesses. That’s a lot more premium time slots, with better pay and, in all likelihood, shorter classes!

Sharifzadeh founded her business, Office Yoga, in 2014 and shares all the goods about how to go about teaching in the workplace, including:
  • How to adapt to the corporate environment’s time and sequencing constraints
  • What to wear — and what not to wear — to your interview
  • How to determine the learning objectives for each class and workplace
  • Important ways to gain feedback and understand the inner-workings of the organization
  • The most common way she finds corporate gigs
  • Three things to considering when pricing your offerings
Sharifzadeh’s passion for workplace yoga is infectious — as she puts it, people in offices need you, they want you, and they really appreciate the yoga.

About Maryam Sharifzadeh

Maryam founded Office Yoga in 2014 and serves as CEO and Lead Well-Being Strategist. Named “Top 20 Conscious Business Leaders” by Conscious Company Magazine, Maryam has been in demand for her mindfulness practices in boardrooms worldwide for over a decade. With a Masters in Sports Management and over 800-Hours of YTT, she has helped 300+ companies with their yoga programs, including strategy, implementation, services, and employee engagement.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution with yoga, and Maryam keeps Office Yoga rooted in authenticity by customizing programs to meet each company’s needs. She created an Office Yoga Teacher Training program to share best practices and help yoga teachers get past the red tape of corporations. Maryam walks the walk through her well-being journey in open water swimming, sharing her personal story on NBC and Sports Illustrated.

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