Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Yoga Retreat with Giana Gambino and Bradshaw Wish

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planning a yoga retreat with Giana Gambino and Bradshaw Wish

Giana Gambino and Bradshaw Wish of CAYA Yoga School join me this week to talk all things yoga retreats! These two have come together to create a dream-team when it comes to planning yoga retreats — they offer several domestic and international retreats per year (look for their 2025 retreat in Italy) and they’ve honed their process. They generously share all of their secrets in this conversation. We cover:

  • How they split the workload (and the payout)
  • Planning yoga retreat days vs. farming out the excursions
  • Their marketing/sales calendar
  • What goes into pricing a yoga retreat (and what you might be forgetting)
  • The food! (the thing participants often complain about the most)
  • Funny yoga retreat snafus and how they handled them
  • Why you should never put a charcuterie board out if Bradshaw is on a yoga retreat with you

Practice and retreat with Bradshaw Wish and Giana Gambino

About Giana Gambino

In addition to planning killer yoga retreats, Giana Gambino is a 500 hour Yoga Educator based in Chicago. She discovered yoga in college as a means to bring balance and ease stress. Giana enjoys making yoga approachable to anybody and aims to meet students where they are to build them up. She sees herself as a guide that fosters her students’ relationships with themselves. Her lighthearted and technical approach is rooted in Hatha Vinyasa and passes on the teachings of her teachers in a way that has become uniquely her own. She has trained with established teachers, Janet Stone and Jason Crandell.

About Bradshaw Wish

Bradshaw is a full-time yoga teacher based in Chicago. He discovered his love for yoga after years of tumbling and dancing all over the city. Realizing the power of breath and movement is integral to Bradshaw’s classes, which are rooted in vinyasa. He strives to cultivate a space where all are welcome and all levels are challenged. Bradshaw has assisted with teacher trainings at Bare Feet Power Yoga and curates national and international yoga retreats. He completed his 200 hour teacher training with Wild Abundant Life and his  500 YTT with master teacher Jason Crandell.

Train with Jason online or in-person in 2024!

Jason Crandell in Crow pose

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