Episode 103: Jason and Andrea Talk Meditation

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Why don’t you have a seat and stay awhile? If you think meditation is boring, hard, pointless, or too time consuming, this meditation podcast episode is for you.

This week, Jason and I discuss everything meditation. We unpack why it’s important for yoga students to meditate. Plus, we’ll give some practical tips to start if you’re new to the practice (or start again if not very consistent). We promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Highlights from the meditation podcast episode:

  • The difference between a person’s identity and their habits + how to untangle the two in order to make regular meditation more likely
  • Some of the common fears (and excuses!) that keep people from meditating
  • Why meditation is an important part of a well-rounded yoga practice and if there’s anyone who shouldn’t meditate
  • Jason’s approach to teaching seated meditation and how it’s similar to how he teaches asana
  • Plus, we talk about our personal meditation practice, who we’ve studied with, and how it’s helped us

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Meditation for People Who Don’t Meditate on Yogaglo
New blog post from Jason: Why I Meditate


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