Episode 19: Coral Brown – Geeky Fun With Hindu Deities

This is where the subhead goes where we talk about how you need to do your research and two other things 

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Hi everyone,

This week my guest is senior Prana Vinyasa Flow teacher Coral Brown (@coralbrownyoga). In her yoga teaching and in her one-on-one therapy practice, Coral draws on 20 years experience of in yoga, philosophy, and holistic counseling to provide fertile, open space for the processes of healing and transformation. Coral leads teacher trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide, she’s a regular contributor to Yoga Journal and has featured classes on Yoga Vibes and OneOEight.com.

Coral and I talked about one of her passions — the Hindu deity stories. She’s deeply knowledgeable about them and she’s also down-to-earth and practical in her approach, which I appreciate. She also (when appropriate) weaves them into her therapy practice, which I find fascinating. Here are some things we covered:

  • How Star Wars is the mythology of our culture
  • The comic book approach to teaching the Hindu deities
  • Does including the deities in yoga teaching make your yoga class religious?
  • The different ways that Coral incorporates the deities into her classes, workshops, and trainings
  • Narrative therapy and the power of questioning and possibly rewriting the story that you grew up with
  • How you can use the deities as an inroad for self-inquiry and self-discovery

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Coral’s Web Site
Awakening Shakti, by Sally Kempon
Hinduism: An Introduction, by Dharam Vir Singh

The Polish Ambassador — Tornado ft Matisyahu
Professor Kliq — Bollywood Blades
Josh Spacek — Soul Shaker

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