Episode 250: Cultural Appropriation & Healing the World With Kindness with Reema Datta

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Reema Datta in Lotus pose

This week’s guest — Reema Datta — is an Indian-American teacher, speaker, humanitarian, author and musician who has dedicated her life to offering yoga as a holistic practice leading to healing and lasting peace.

Reema grew up in a family of yogis, having learned first learned yoga philosophy from her grandfather, Ayurvedic cooking from her grandmother, and sacred song and mantra from her mother.

On this episode of Yogaland, Reema shares her history and how she developed her approach to teaching yoga for emotional healing. She also addresses cultural appropriation in yoga and the narratives of shame and victimhood that she finds problematic.


Read Reema’s essay for Elephant Journal: Yoga & Cultural Appropriation & Why We Can Heal the World With Kindness 

Find information on Reema’s offerings, including joining her live online community gatherings and links to music here: reemadatta.com/offerings

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