Is this thing we’re doing still yoga?

This is where the subhead goes where we talk about how you need to do your research and two other things 

Andrea Ferretti and Jason Crandell record live at Mission 1e in London

This discussion was recorded in London at the new Mission studio where Jason led Module I of his hybrid YTT a few weeks ago. Together, Jason and I explored the question — Is this thing that we’re all doing still actually yoga? Our power-hour or our 30-minute glo class or our rolling on foam rollers with some poses sprinkled in — are those still yoga? Or has yoga in the West evolved into something else altogether?
A few tidbits that we discuss in the episode:

  • The fact that the word “yoga” has more than 350 definitions in Sanskrit, revealing its diverse nature.
  • The belief in a singular, authentic yoga tradition is challenged throughout history.
  • Swami Vivekananda’s influence on bringing yoga to the United States and his perspective on Hatha Yoga.
  • Different yoga traditions, like Iyengar and Ashtanga, were once considered radical innovations.
  • The long-standing tension between “head up” and “head down” yogas: intellectual vs. physical practices.
  • The importance of focusing on one’s practice and impact rather than judging others’ practices.
  • The five common denominators of yoga traditions, including liberation teachings and philosophical infrastructure.
  • The significance of Abhyasa (effort) and Vairagya (letting go) in all yoga practices.
  • Yoga as a gradual process of replacing unconscious patterns with conscious beliefs aligned with self-realization.

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We referenced Andrea Jain’s book on the podcast, which you can purchase here

If you are interested in this topic, I also highly recommend Stefanie Syman’s book, The Subtle Body, The Story of Yoga in America and Richard Rosen’s Yoga FAQ

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