Episode 89: All About Your Fascia With Jill Miller (Part I)

This is where the subhead goes where we talk about how you need to do your research and two other things 

Jill Miller on one of her Yoga Tune Up balls

I’ve got a special two-part series this week with Jill Miller, Yoga Tune Up® founder, about — you guessed it! — fascia. There is more and more info being shared about fascia. But I’ve found that it sometimes feels esoteric. My goal with these interviews is threefold: I wanted to offer clarity about what fascia is and then talk about why it is so important and how we can apply this info. to our yoga practice. By the end of Part II, I feel like Jill and I dug into all of these questions, so be patient! Fascia is complex and it took me a bit longer than usual for these interviews to land.

We learn more about:

  • What exactly fascia is anyway? And why is there some controversy over the definition.
  • Why fascia is the “Cinderella story of human anatomy”
  • How to incorporate our understanding of fascia into our yoga practice
  • Why using a yoga ball to roll one part of your body can help to relieve tension in another part of the body
  • The nervous system’s relationship to the fascia system

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Fascia: What It Is and Why It Matters, by David Lesondak

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