Episode 182: Yoga for First Responders with Olivia Mead

This is where the subhead goes where we talk about how you need to do your research and two other things 


Soon after deciding to teach yoga to first responders, yoga teacher Olivia Mead decided to go through fire and police academy. She wanted to develop authentic yoga classes that would resonate with — not alienate — first responders. She also wanted to develop yoga classes that would give first responders tools to use on the job. She wanted her classes to be directly relevant and applicable, not esoteric. Her devotion to understanding her student-base has been a great success. Mead now heads up Yoga for First Responders, a non-profit that provides on-site yoga classes and teacher training programs. In this interview, she shares her approach, how she structures classes, the language she uses and some of the success stories from her students who are on the front-lines of public safety everyday.


Yoga for First Responders 

Yoga for First Responders Cyber Academy

Yoga for First Responders Facebook Page


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