Episode 24: Dana Trixie Flynn – Yoga, Jazz, and a New Donation-Based Center in NOLA

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Dana Trixie Flynn standing in a doorway to a building with flower graffitis on it

This week’s episode is like a shot of happy for your soul. I spoke to Dana Trixie Flynn, co-founder of Laughing Lotus about her new project: Dana is working on opening a donation-based yoga studio in the seventh ward of New Orleans. If you know Dana at all, you know how much she lives, loves, and breathes music — so this new center will have live New Orleans jazz music!

In my interview with Dana, I could just feel how uniquely suited she is to set up this studio and to nurture her students. She is all at once gutsy, big-hearted, charismatic, empathic, and bad ass. Please consider donating to her Indiegogo campaign, which will help her pay for the necessary renovations to build this studio.

Here are some highlights of what we talked about:

  • How she found her calling in New Orleans and bought an abandoned Baptist Church as the home for the new studio
  • The parallels between yoga and jazz – “Jazz is always creative and always new. Just like yoga.”
  • How Dana and co-founder Jasmine Tarkeshi co-created the Laughing Lotus approach and how important she feels it is to take time to cultivate your own voice and to help yoga evolve
  • Why she decided to make the studio donation-based (spoiler alert: She wants yoga accessible to all)
  • How yoga is a means to physicalize and spiritualize gratitude for Dana
  • The importance of utilizing yoga practice as a means for you to help others
  • Her motto: “Let us love you until you can love yourself.”

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Donate to Dana’s Indiegogo campaign!
From Loincloths to Leotards Note: Yoga Journal renamed this article online and it’s now called “Previously Untold Yoga History Sheds New Light.”
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A Magnifique Bande Dos Homes Sen Medo — Z.U.M.O
Raphael Saadiq — Big Easy Live
Dazie Mae — Call Me Dazie Mae

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