Harnessing the vagus nerve to “turn on your off switch” with Jill Miller

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Jill Miller and the vagus nerve

What is the vagus nerve? More importantly, why should we, as yogis, care? Jill Miller comes on the podcast this week to help us understand how we can tap into the vagus and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing about the relaxation response.

Jill shares her recipe — “the 5 Ps,”– for stimulating the vagus so that you can incorporate them into your own practice and teaching.

Learn more about the vagus nerve:

From The New York TimesThis Nerve Influences Nearly Every Internal Organ. Can It Improve Our Mental State, Too?

The Vagus Nerve: Your Superhighway to Physical, Mental and Emotional Health by Suzanne Krowiak (from the Tune Up Fitness Blog)

Respiratory Diaphragm Function: Understanding the Muscle that Powers Breath by Suzanne Krowiak (from the Tune Up Fitness Blog)

Yogaland with Roger Cole about the Baroceptor Reflex

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About Jill Miller:

Jill Miller is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and author of the international bestselling book The Roll Model: A Step by Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility and Live Better in your Body. With more than 30 years of study in anatomy and movement, she is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, athletics and pain management.

Jill has presented case studies at the Fascia Research Congress and International Association of Yoga Therapy conferences. She has the rare ability to translate complex physiological and biomechanical information into accessible, relevant moves that help her students to transform pain, dysfunction and injury into robust fitness.

Her new book Body by Breath: The Science and Practice of Physical & Emotional Resilience will be published in fall 2022.

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