Episode 84: Navigating Clean Beauty & Skincare with Rachel Pachivas and Abby Jean

This is where the subhead goes where we talk about how you need to do your research and two other things 

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I love the idea of starting of the New Year with healthy, nourishing routines. Over the past few years, I’ve done that with my skincare routine and I find it to be a great form of self care. When you think of self care, you don’t think of smearing petroleum, endocrine disruptors or other toxic chemicals on your face, right?

In the process of researching the products I use, I’ve learned that there is basically no federal regulation on our personal care products (or on most industrial chemicals in the U.S.)

That was my inspiration behind this episode and I’m so excited to share it with you. This week on the podcast I speak to Abby Jean and Rachel Pachivas — two women from AnnMarie Skincare and they answer all of my questions (and more) including:

  • Do products made with botanicals really work as well as our familiar “tried and true” formulations?
  • How to start purging your skincare products
  • Red flag ingredients too look for
  • Nutrient-rich ingredients to look for
  • How you know you’re getting a truly organic product (since there are FDA loopholes)
  • Web sites and certifications to help you navigate which products are safe, healthy, and don’t test on animals
  • Where are we with trying to improve FDA regulations?

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Skin Deep Database on the Environmental Working Group
Think Dirty – Shop Clean
Made Safe
Leaping Bunny Certification

Some of Andrea’s Favorite Beauty Brands
Please note that you need to check each and every product within a brand to ensure that it is safe. The safety of different products can vary widely — especially with sunscreens! If you have trouble finding these brands in your area, I recommend Credo Beauty.

AnnMarie Skincare
Marie Veronique

RMS Beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty
Juice Beauty

Coola Suncare
Babo Botanicals
Alba Botanica

Articles Worth Reading
Clean Beauty — and Why It’s Important
Exposure to chemicals dangerous to hormone function burdens Americans with hundreds of billions in disease costs
Think Those Chemicals Have Been Tested?

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